Multi_T®? - What is it?

Multi_T is
  • an innovative, dynamic multitasking titration system for laboratory and production
  • a PC titrator without external controller
    • Multi_T 2.2 for Windows®
      active titration software according to 21 CFR Part 11
    • SensoLab®
      passive sensor- and periphery interface unit for laboratory titrations
  • a high-precision 8-channel pH-/Ion-meter
  • appropriate for Windows 95, 98, 98SE, Me, NT-SP5, 2000-P, XP-P
  • professional and easy-to-use, applicable to BarCode and LIMS
  • "Ready for CFR compliance"
Multi_T controls
  • simultaneously up to 8 titration measure points, e.g. pH-stat [Multitasking]
  • parallel each measure point using different methods
  • maximum 16 sensors and 15 burettes or 15 AutoSampler
Multi_T allows the use of all commercial
  • Electrodes and sensors
  • titration and dosing burettes [e.g. Schott, Metrohm]
  • low-price regular burettes [e.g. Schott Titronic universal]