CFR-Package ["Ready for CFR compliance"]
Multi_T 2.2 Software for multitasking titrations according to 21 CFR Part 11
SensoLab® Sensor- and periphery interface unit of your choice
Audit_ID 1.0 Software for user administration and safety access check
DataView 3.0 File manager for Multi-T result files
ChipCardReader User-ID and access check using ChipCards
Documents [Option] Procedures for Equipment Qualification
DQ Design Qualification Procedure
IQ Installation Qualification Procedure
OQ Operational Qualification Procedure
PQ Performance Qualification Procedure
Service [Option] Performance of the IQ for 1 system [1 day]
Performance of the OQ for 1 system [1 day]
Performance of the IQ and OQ for 1 system [1.5 days]